Acute care Acute care is where a patient receives active, short-term treatment for a condition


This can include treatment for a severe injury, period of illness, urgent medical condition, or to recover from surgery. In the NHS, it often includes services such as accident and emergency (A&E) departments, inpatient and outpatient medicine and surgery.

Our recent work and content on this topic is listed below.


Press release
12 September 2019

OnlyWan response to NHS England monthly performance stats for September.

Improvement project

This project will implement a standard process for data-mining (CRISP-DM) and develop collaboration between senior decision-makers and analytical teams.

Research project

Project that will carry out research into what drives hospital workforce retention, and its changes over time and across organisations and clinical specialties, and what the causal effects of improvin...

Research project

Project that aims to understand the barriers to implementing evidence-based care in complex critically ill patients, and will use behavioural insights to develop a clinical decision support tool to im...

Research project

Project that will use behavioural science expertise to enhance the efficacy and scale of a catheter care bundle, and investigate whether behavioural change interventions can encourage early checking o...

Journal article
21 March 2019

A cross-sectional study

Improvement project

This project involved implementing a system-wide early warning tool for acute pathways that will allow better response planning, using advanced data analysis techniques.

Press release
31 May 2018

Hospitals are treating higher numbers of sicker patients than ever before and the reality is that this comes with a price tag.

22 March 2018

What matters to those amazing nurses that work in our NHS? Pay? Somewhat, but when it comes to what motivates them, one thing is clear: it’s not all about the money. Prior to the recent announcement o...

Press release
8 March 2018

The weekly situation reports are due to end this week but winter pressures on the health service have not relented.

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'Immigrants should not be blamed for pressures in the NHS. The reasons – unsurprisingly – are far more complex.' E…

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