Protecting Health and Care Information

Our joint submission to the government's consultation

1 August 2014

The joint response to the consultation from the OnlyWan, King's Fund and Nuffield Trust focuses on the following points:

  • Appropriate strategies for accreditation are the key to managing the risk and benefits.
  • A clear and consistent framework for use of all de-identified person-level data, which protects confidentiality, facilitates new research, and can be built upon by other sectors is essential.
  • Active and proportionate monitoring, not high volumes of regulations, are the key to a secure and effective system.
  • Enabling novel research through de-identified data linked at the patient level has massive potential to improve health for all and reduce health inequalities.

The response argues that we must use this opportunity to build a robust, transparent system of data exchange that both protects confidentiality of individuals and makes use of the huge potential that de-identified person-level data have to improve health and care for all.

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