Applying analytics and information management in health and care 2gether NHS Foundation Trust

  • Being run by 2gether NHS Foundation Trust, in partnership with Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust, Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, Gloucestershire County Council and Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Aiming to develop and implement a schedule of training programmes to improve analytical capability across the Gloucestershire health and care system.
  • Will introduce a data analyst apprenticeship, involving academic studies alongside work placements with health and care providers, and will train managers to better understand how data can inform decision making.
  • Running from February 2018 to May 2019.

Currently, little formal training or development in analytics is offered to health and social care staff in Gloucestershire. This leaves a skills gap in the workforce, which means the health and care system can overlook opportunities to best utilise data to make improvements. Organisations also face the challenge of staff retention and recruitment, with analysts often moving between posts or being under-qualified for senior roles.

2gether NHS Foundation Trust and its partners plan to address this issue by developing a training programme for analysts and managers that aims to improve analytical capability across the Gloucestershire health and care system.

In collaboration with an education provider, a data analyst apprenticeship will be introduced. It will involve 10 to 15 students from across the five partner organisations undertaking academic studies alongside rotational work placements with health and care providers. It will focus on how data can be used to improve patient care. Analysts will learn how to intelligently interpret, apply and effectively communicate their findings.

Running in parallel with the analyst training programme will be a series of insight development workshops. These will invite larger groups of multidisciplinary professionals including managers, clinicians and social workers from across the five partner organisations. Participants will learn about the benefits of good analysis and interpretation skills and apply their learning to current, whole system projects. They will gain valuable insight into how data can support decision making for the benefit of service users.

The project team hopes that the analyst training programme will provide a more professional standard of analytics in Gloucestershire by producing skilled analysts that invest their expertise into the future success of local health and social care. Additionally, the insight development workshops will stimulate demand for data analysis and prove the value of analytics in shaping strategy and change across organisations.

Contact information

For more information about this project, please  Chris Woon, Head of Information Management and Clinical Systems, 2gether NHS Foundation Trust.

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