Health as an asset We want to change the conversation to focus on health as an asset, rather than ill health as a burden


We believe good health supports positive social and economic outcomes – both for the individual and for society as a whole. We want government to view health as an investment for the future so it takes more longer-term decisions.

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The nation's health as an asset

A briefing that asks: what is the social and economic value of maintaining and improving people's health?

Thought paper

The local health environment

The CMO’s annual report 2019 considers what the state of the public’s health in England in 2040 could look like. The Health F...

The social and economic value of health

We have made £2m funding available for innovative research that builds evidence for health as an asset for the economy and society, and generates knowledge to understand the impact that an individual's health has on their own social and economic outcomes.

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The Social and Economic Value of Health

£1.5m is available for research that will generate new knowledge on the ways in which the physical and mental health of a pop...


Building the evidence around the social and economic value of health

We know a lot about the impact of the social and economic determinants on people’s health. However, the relationships are com...

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It's putting the patient back in the centre, and saying 'it's your medicine, what shall we do with it?' says…

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