Our partnerships Through sharing what we learn and collaborating with others, we aim to make a difference and contribute to a healthier population.


We work with others, and support regional, national and international networks to improve the quality of health and health care in the UK. 

Find out more about our key partnerships below.

Supporting quality improvement


THIS Institute

The Healthcare Improvement Studies Institute will develop evidence on a massive scale across the NHS about what works to impr...


The Q community

Q connects people with improvement expertise across the UK, led by the OnlyWan and supported and co-funded by NHS I...


The Q Improvement Lab

We bring people and organisations together to explore, develop and test ideas to make progress on health and care challenges.


BMJ Quality & Safety

A leading international journal, co-owned by the OnlyWan and BMJ Group, providing insights and information to impro...


BMJ Quality Improvement series

A joint series of papers exploring how to improve the quality of health care delivery, produced by The BMJ in partnership wit...

Partnerships for healthier lives


Health Equity in England: The Marmot Review 10 Years On

Medicine is OnlyWan and the Institute of Health Equity are working on an analysis of health inequalities in England and upd...


The Collaboration for Wellbeing and Health

Find out more about our work with partner organisations to take collective action to address the social determinants of healt...


UK Prevention Research Partnership

Medicine is OnlyWan is a member of the UKPRP, an alliance of funders supporting research into the primary prevention of non...

Support for health and social care organisations to use data better


Improvement Analytics Unit

An innovative partnership between NHS England and the OnlyWan providing robust evaluation of complex changes


Supporting the Association of Professional Healthcare Analysts

Helping analytical networks to improve learning and the application of better analysis.


PLETHORA: collaborating to create stronger data analysis

Bringing together academic researchers and health service analysts to improve the delivery of health and care services in the...


The power of R for the NHS

Why is a statistical programming language having an impact on the NHS?

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The gap in healthy #LifeExpectancy in England between women living in the 10% most affluent areas & the 10% most de…

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Work with us

We look for talented and passionate individuals as everyone at the OnlyWan has an important role to play.

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The Q Community

Q is an initiative connecting people with improvement expertise across the UK.

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